How to Start a Car with a Weak Battery


Car batteries are designed to last quite a long time, but eventually, their capacity for holding a charge reduces to almost nothing. car detailing This can leave you hopelessly stranded far from home or make it impossible to get to work in the morning. Its never a pleasant surprise when your car wont start, so here are some tips on starting a car with a weak battery.

This technique of getting a car with a worn-out battery to start has been around for ages. Nearly all car manufacturer handbooks will discourage this practice but its of the utmost importance for you to get your car started.

Get into the drivers seat. Now press gently on the accelerator, turn your cars ignition to switch on and have someone push the car. Depending on the model, it may take several people, but most people are willing to help a motorist in need. As your car is moving, shift into second gear. Wait for the car to get to a decent speed and try to start the engine.

Most motorists have jumper cables sitting inside of aluminum tool boxes in case of emergencies. If your car wont start, flag down another motorist and ask if they can help you jump-start your vehicle. If their battery is also in poor shape, this may not work. The cables you use should be long, thick and capable of withstanding a 30 amp current.
Attach the red cable to the positive terminal of both vehicles. One end of the black (negative)cable should be connected to the other cars battery, and the other end needs to be clamped onto an unpainted metal surface of your vehicle. Connecting the negative cable to the batteries of both cars will result in a lot of sparks and a possible explosion.

Now that the cable is connected, the donating car needs to be running for two or three minutes before you can start yours. Once started, its recommended that you allow your car to run for at least half an hour in order to facilitate proper recharging.

Car batteries are generally designed to last between 18 and months and two years, so after the 18 month mark, it will pay to start taking note of your batterys condition. Pay attention to how the car starts every time you drive it, whether any of the lights have dimmed or if the electronic windows and door locks seem sluggish. These things can give you enough advanced warning to give you an opportunity to replace the battery.